Kimono Saisei

Color: Indigo

Each kimono is hand-stitched with our left over shibori fabrics and adorned with contrasting red embellishments, making each one a true original.

Shibori is a process of love. Fabrics are first washed, rinsed and made ready for the dye and the resists is applied; they are then dyed in natural indigo and rinsed up to 15 to 20 times.

Finally, the resists are removed and the fabrics are washed and hung to dry in nature – each piece is treated with passion, dedication and respect, artisans spend hours working on it – a true work of love and community at every steps, planting, preparing the dye, manipulating the fabrics and dying them.

The Kimono is part of our capsule collection Saisei featuring limited edition pieces that embody the concept of "Rebirth" - from the Japanese word Saisei. Each item has been crafted with leftover fabrics in small batches, making them truly unique.

Saisei is composed of the kanji 再 (read sai) meaning “again; twice; second time” and 生 (read sei) meaning “life; birth”, here is the second life of our favorite NAMU Lux patterns.

Handmade with love for you on the island of Bali.

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