NAMU Lux weave your dream Collection

Be ready to weave your dreams.....
The NAMU Lux weave your dream Collection is a collaboration with weavers and crafters from Kriyatex. Hand-weaving techniques have been past from generations to the next  in small villages in the centre of Java. Their province had more than 50.000 crafters and weavers and used to be the weaving-center industry in Indonesia. Globalization and mainstream culture made the weavers slowly vanishing replaced by modern weaving-machinery.
NAMU Lux and  Kriyatex share the same passion and mission to protect the crafters' traditions and legacy and keep alive age-old spinning, dying and weaving techniques.
We could not meet a better partner that share our same principles and passion for the craft 💙
The Collection is still available for custom order only - please whatsapp us on +62 819 99190810
Images courtesy of  Kriyatex