We at NAMU proudly introduce you to Christian Graciel,
the artist, who transforms trash into luxury.

Christian hand-picks discarded wood across the islands of Indonesia and creates a contemporary and sophisticated wooden bags collection together with matching striking accessories including unisex necklaces, cuff bracelets and earrings.

The collection is 100 % handmade using old, recycled or repurposed woods such as teak, burl, rosewood and soar wood – the wood is cut, polished and melded together with leather.
Christian and NAMU share the same believes in handmade and supporting small family run businesses. Christian luxurious collection is all naturally and ecologically handmade without any chemicals or artificial properties; he closely works with local artisans, who transforms his visions into beautiful items.

Each piece from the Christian Graciel Collection is unique, one-of-its kind a collectable piece!

Watch his video interview here